(UM-R-FWLS) Frequent Working Failsafe Electric Actuator

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Frequent Working Failsafe Electric Actuator
Paten No. 102207192
24hours Working

1. Failsafe Backup Battery installed on UM1-UM4 Series.
2. UM/R series is low power consumption, High torque electric actuator.
3. With seamless shell and IP67 rated waterproof enclosure, able to install on every outdoors environment.
4. Smooth Opening speed, effectively to avoid water hammer and increase pipeline life.
5. Auto Return to full Open or full Close position when power failure.

[Standard Voltage]
AC 90V ~ 240V
DC 12V
DC 24V

[Working environment]
-10 ~ 50

1. 24-hour long working time (On and off/minute). No Need to worry motor overheat.
2. Able to set up on Full Open or Full Close when power failure.
3. Max Torque up to 3500kgf-cm(UM4-30 Sec). Various Models for different applications.
4. All Series are equipped with Manual/Automatic switch equipment and Manual equipment.
For UM3-1 and above models Electric actuators are equipped with Hand wheel equipment for manual operation when power failure.
5. Output equipment: All series equipped with full open and full close, non-electricity connection (COM, NO, NC) able to withstand voltage AC220V/5A and connect lamp signal or feedback to other controls.


1. Please confirm electricity voltage, temperature, working pressure, media of fluid and other characteristics at working site (Ex. If there is Unstable voltage situation, stabilizer is required)
2. All series are equipped with extended control Box.
3. Please turn the switch knob to manul when manul operation is required.  Please do not use brute force to operate to prevent malfunction of internal components.
4. Factory default is full open position when input power. Adjusted to Full Close according to operation manual.
5. For long time power off, please turn the switch knob to OFF. Please turn it on when electricity is restored to keep return function normal according to operation manual.